Our diverse product range

We offer a broad and attractive portfolio of products comprising EU pharmaceuticals and OTC proprietary brands, all from a single source. Our product range is highly diverse and is continually being updated to reflect demand. Regular market and trend surveys mean that our product choice includes numerous new launches.

We also insist on high quality while at the same time ensuring low prices and excellent service. For this reason, we are a regular and reliable partner for many pharmacies and wholesalers.

EU pharmaceuticals

EU medicines as a safe and low-cost alternative

We obtain our EU pharmaceuticals from selected suppliers across the whole of Europe. We constantly apply very high quality standards to this process, from the initial safety checks and procurement to repackaging and final checks in-house. All medicines brought in through re-imports and parallel imports are identical in therapeutic terms to the original medicines provided directly in Germany by the manufacturer, but can be purchased from us at lower prices. Read all there is to know about our EU pharmaceuticals.


OTC products

Non-prescription medicines Manufactured in Germany

Patient demand for non-prescription medicines is growing. With our proprietary OTC brands, we offer non-prescription medicines manufactured in Germany that are tailored to the needs of pharmacy customers. In real terms, for our customers, this means good deliverability, short pathways and a high-quality array of products including well-known classics such as ibutop®. Good pharmacy margins and a favourable consumer price for our products are also at the forefront of our strategy. Go here to find out more about our non-prescription medicines.



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